Luxury Property Inspections In South Florida – What’s Involved?

Home Inspection

When purchasing luxury property, there are many costly features and systems that are documented as “outside the scope” of your typical home inspection. This is where ACI Inspections has helped many in the South Florida luxury market by providing specialized services for luxury property inspections. Here are the Specialized Services that are often important for these properties with an explanation for each below:

Luxury Property Inspections

SEAWALL The underwater environmental and structural conditions of your waterfront property are a major component of the property investment. An overwhelming majority of luxury and super-luxury properties in the South Florida area were constructed after a previous home was demolished. Was the current seawall reconstructed during building construction? This is a big reason we inspect these.

  Thermal ImagingTHERMOGRAPHY When a client orders this service from us, it is important to state that we are what is called Certified Residential Thermographers which is a fancy term that means people pay us anywhere from $350 to $4,000 to do this troubleshooting service on its own, so doing it for a couple of extra dollars on a home inspection is a no-brainer for buyers. It’s just plain cool photographing invisible problems and so most buyers of luxury properties want to pay a little extra to get this done. A Thermal Imaging scan of the building structure allows us to identify pipe leaks, roof leaks, electrical overheating, overloading of circuits, missing insulation in walls and ceilings, leaking AC ductwork, cooling and heating problems at the HVAC system, as well as home ventilation issues and other fire hazards. This service often avoids having to call in other contractors for further evaluation of findings on the home inspection report because we pinpoint the issue on the spot.  SWIMMING POOL/SPA INSPECTIONLuxury Property Inspections I don’t think we need to explain this but yes, we do leak detection on an as-needed basis. The swimming pool inspection involves the plumbing system, electrical system, the pool structure, signs of leakage, the pool decking, safety features, filtration, and cleaning systems.    SEWER VIDEO INSPECTION Why would it be of concern to do a sewer video inspection for a brand new luxury home that is only 4 years old? An overwhelming majority of luxury and super-luxury properties in the South Florida area were constructed after a previous home was demolished. Is the current home truly “brand new” construction? Or did the contractor tie into the original concrete slab and/or sewer piping? Is there rotted cast iron or broken clay piping in use? GENERATOR/DOCK ELECTRICAL INSPECTION The meter is removed to perform a “true to life test” initiating the generator start-up. This inspection also includes inspection of any three-phase panels, as well as inspection of any dock electrical including marine receptacles, transformers, dock lighting, boat-lift operation, and wiring, tennis courts, landscape lighting, etc. No, your typical home inspector just aint gonna check the fun stuff… Luxury Property Inspections ElevatorsELEVATOR INSPECTION Try getting an elevator inspector out to the property during a real estate transaction! Then there’s the fee of $700 – $1,000 and they’re booked two weeks out; so you don’t get this thing inspected, then you take the elevator for the first time all alone and you happened to leave your phone on the kitchen counter, and… you get stuck inside… Welcome to the reason we provide this service. Inspected by a Florida Licensed Elevator Inspector who is a member of national elevator consulting associations.   INDOOR AIR QUALITYIndoor Air Quality Those buying a $5,000,000 home cash tend to want to know what they are breathing in the home:

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are found in gasoline products, building materials, and much more.
  • MVOC’s (Mold compounds from active mold spores that are off-gassing inside the home).
  • Chinese Drywall (The presence of sulfur compounds found in contaminated drywall that was in use in South Florida from 2003 to 2008
  • Mold spore testing can be performed as an additional separate service on a recommendation basis only

AppliancesSPECIALIZED APPLIANCE INSPECTION  If a home inspector’s limited on/off test with no guarantees of the $12,000 refrigerator doesn’t provide the reassurance you need, well you understand why we provide this service. A complete inspection of all installed appliances by a factory-certified appliance technician.

    ROOF INSPECTIONLuxury Property Inspections Home inspectors generally do not inspect roofs that can’t be accessed with a 13’ ladder. Many inspectors do not inspect roofs at all. We bring up to a 30’ ladder in order to provide a full roof inspection. We do NOT use roofing contractors; you think they might have some dollar signs in their eyes looking at a job on a $10,000,000 home? GEOTECHNICAL SOIL BORE TESTING When would be the best time to get a geotechnical soil bore testing done:

  • It is disclosed that this beautiful water-front home is NOT constructed with pilings
  • Beautiful lot! Little, old, ugly home… If tear-down is anticipated to construct a multi-story luxury property, then determine if the soil will even support the desired structure.
  • If the installation of a swimming pool is anticipated.
  • If major cracks in the building are noticed, consider having this service performed to determine the cost of correction.

For these inspections, our company uses the right professionals for the right inspections providing a team of inspectors, engineers, and contractors, all for the fraction of the cost of ordering these services individually for luxury property inspections. We are waiting for your call with questions you have or the services you need. ACI Inspections is YOUR building inspection resource.