Generator/Dock Electrical Inspection

Luxury properties often have major electrical systems that are simply outside the scope of what a home inspector can evaluate.

Generator/Dock Electrical Inspections

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ACI Inspections has this covered. Inspected by a Florida licensed electrical contractor, the generator, auxiliary panel, circuits, and grounding are all operated and evaluated. The generator size, age, and condition is reported as well as circuit configuration.

Any of the following that is present on the property is also inspected:

Dock Electrical, Lighting, Boat connections, wiring, GFCI protection, Marine Receptacles
Boat Lift Operation, Wiring, and Condition
Tennis court or other exterior lighting and electrical systems
Three Phase Electrical Panels
Marine Transformer

Dock Electrical Inspection

These systems though can be a high priority concern for the home buyer in a real estate transaction. How can they confirm the generator will kick on when a major storm hits? Are there electrocution hazards with the electrical at the dock right at the water? Will that boat lift operate? And the big one… The 150’ yacht is parked at the dock and plugged in, only to find out there is no electrical at all run to the boat connections at the dock (yes that has happened)!


Generator & Dock Electrical Inspections

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