Commercial Real Estate Inspection

When purchasing or leasing a commercial building, it is generally considered crucial to have a Property Condition Assessment performed. We perform this inspection service on both small and large scale commercial properties. We follow the ASTM Standard E2018-15 for Property Condition Assessments which is the only standards that govern this type of inspection. This ensures you are receiving a legally binding report with the correct approach.


  • Property Condition Assessments     South Florida Commercial Building Inspections
  • Restaurant Appliances
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Estimated Cost of Major Repairs
  • Lifespan of Major Systems
  • Document Review
  • Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation
  • Structural Integrity
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Thermal Imaging


We inspect properties such as apartment complexes, hotels, office buildings, retail strip malls and complexes, warehouses, Medical Offices, and any other commercial building. This typically involves an inspection of the major systems of the property, visual structural components, HVAC equipment, structural integrity, roof, siding, electrical system, and construction of the property and thermal testing when necessary.

Commercial inspections are quite different from a residential inspection. We perform document review and report on the purchasing of a commercial building with the continuity and stability of the income it generated in the past and will generate in the future. We examine the physical as well as the business aspects of the building offered for sale through a process called due diligence. This is in addition to the Commercial Inspection.

Our service helps the buyer understand the lifespan of major systems and costs that will be incurred in repair and replacement. In other words how long certain systems will last and whether it is a financially positive investment or if the buyer will need to put in thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements before a return can be acquired.

Commercial Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection; Pricing starting at $495 based on square footage and property typeA Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is an inspection of the major components of a commercial property including cost estimates for repair and the following: Roof, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating / Air Conditioning, Water Penetration, Foundation