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Certified Property Inspection service – South Florida |

Our Inspection Services

A Fort Lauderdale based certified property inspection service providing highly technical property inspections in the South Florida area of Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties.

This service specializes in the many luxury properties along the South Florida coast & inter-coastal. Our focus is helping home buyers looking for the best possible inspection service.

Do You Need a Certified Property Inspection, Home or Commercial in South Florida?

Inspections are critical when buying property. They determine whether a property is in good condition and what repairs may be required immediately or soon. These inspections are also helpful for other purposes. ACI Inspections is a team of licensed and certified ASHI inspectors as well as contractors and engineers. We offer professional residential and commercial certified property inspection services, based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. This gives you peace of mind from being fully aware of a property’s real condition, whether you are buying, selling, or require evidence of the property’s condition for insurance or other purposes.

In-Depth Home Inspections

When you need a professional home inspection service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you can rest assured that ACI Inspections will provide an in-depth inspection that will reveal any underlying issues that need your attention. Many inspectors complete a quick visual inspection of the property, leaving hidden but discernable issues unnoticed. With our comprehensive certified property inspection, you can trust we will identify many larger scale concerns that may go unnoticed by other inspectors and give you a complete report to help you make an informed decision.

Commercial Property Inspections

In addition to home inspections, we are a commercial property inspection company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have the training and expertise to inspect commercial properties, identify problems, and let you know what to expect if you purchase commercial property. We inspect costly property components to give you peace of mind that you are buying a commercial building along with a cost list projection over the next five years having a good idea of what ownership will actually cost.

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We Walk Our Clients Through The Final Report Which Provides A Snap Shot Of What Is REALLY Going On Inside And Outside The Home or Commercial Property.

certified property inspection In Fort Lauderdale FL

Home Inspections

Commercial certified property inspection Services In Fort Lauderdale FL

Commercial Inspections


Luxury certified property inspection Services In Fort Lauderdale FL

Luxury Property Inspections

Generator/Dock Electrical certified property inspection Services in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Generator/Dock Electrical Inspection

Thermal Imaging certified property inspection Services in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Thermal Imaging

Swimming Pool and Spa certified property inspection Services in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Pool & Spa Inspections

Sewer Video certified property inspection In Fort Lauderdale FL

Sewer Inspections


WDO certified property inspection Services In Fort Lauderdale FL

Termite Inspections

Seawall and Dock

Seawall and Dock

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold Inspections In Fort Lauderdale FL

Mold Inspections

4 Point Inspections In Fort Lauderdale FL

4 Point Inspections:


Elevator Inspections In Fort Lauderdale FL

Elevator Inspections

certified property inspection

Moisture Instrusion Inspections

Geotechnical Soil Bore Testing

Geotechnical Soil Bore Testing

Wind Mitigation Inspections In Fort Lauderdale FL

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Roof Inspections In Fort Lauderdale FL

Roof Certification

Florida Licensed | ASHI Certified

ACI Inspections Rated Best South Florida Inspectors

Certified Property Inspection service in South Florida |

The following are local professionals and industry leaders who have deemed ACI Inspections, our team of inspectors the best home inspection service in South Florida:

certified property inspection service Fort Lauderdale FL

Certified Property Inspection by ACI Inspections:

Our Specialized Home and commercial Inspection Services go beyond the typical limited “visual only” inspection with no guarantees. As the above services list shows, we do not play around in the inspection industry; most of what is listed above in our complete inspection service is simply over the head of your average South Florida Home Inspector.

Could you imagine trying to save a few dollars on a home inspector just to realize later that he missed issues that will now cost you $10,000-$30,000?

Unfortunately, that is a common scenario in South Florida. With luxury properties, it is not rare to find one major issue which will cost over $200,000 to resolve; these also tend to be the issues that go unnoticed when an inspector has only a surface knowledge of construction. Book your South Florida ASHI Certified Inspector at ACI Inspections. Michael Gaurnier, ACI and his group of professionals feel honored to work for YOUR property investment. Contact the inspector directly here.

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Ryan Pate
Ryan Pate
Maurice Phaneuf was an excellent inspector. He was very thorough, very friendly, and he went above and beyond for us at our inspection!
Jessica Berry
Jessica Berry
I never write reviews but I had to show support to this company! Tony went above and beyond to help me through the process- I had originally used another company and ended up having to pay multiple people to correct their inspection that had false findings on their statement. Finding Tony was a godsend, he is extremely knowledgeable, it is so rare these day to find someone who took the time to talk through process and steps to move forward. I 100% trust and couldn’t recommend this company more.
Jason B. Blank
Jason B. Blank
These guys are on top of their game! Not to mention, they're super honest, and NICE! They are my go-to for any home inspection needs.
Emily Brown
Emily Brown
This inspection company is the absolute best! We are first time home buyers and Tony walked us through everything explained all the items that needed to be addressed right away and then gave us some other thing that should be addressed at some point. The inspection was thorough and the printout was full of pictures and explanations. There wasn't a moment that I felt confused or questions weren't answered. Highly highly highly reccomend this company to anyone in the south florida area
Gabriel Brakha
Gabriel Brakha
Tony is a great inspector
Augusto Alagia
Augusto Alagia
Michael Guarnier and his team is the one to go for a thoroughly home inspection. something that make very comfortable is that he are ASHI certified. But besides that he also A real expert that has besides the bread and butter standard 4 point inspections and do some others that is very technical like underground sewer pipe line. Because of him I could save $20k in my last transaction. He cought some problems inside the line and I had arguments to negociate the price of the property. Besides using him for my personal purchases . Having a Local Painting and Home Improvement Company ( The Captain Painter ) it is very important that I connect and partner with reputable and reliable local business. So If you if you are looking to buy or sell a commercial, investiment and / or residential property here he is one in the top of the list of my recommendations to be your real estate power team!!
I'm extremely impressed with Michael Gaurnier because he is truly authentic. He's so knowledgeable and definitely knows his stuff, but he's humble and honest and he has gained my utmost trust. If you need an ASHI certified inspector, then Michael is definitely your man.
Cj Freyman
Cj Freyman
Detailed, thorough, efficient, responsive. Everything you could want or look for from your home inspector.
Jennifer Hsu
Jennifer Hsu
Mike and his team provided an inspection for us on an older, 1940s home in Fort Lauderdale which had many tricky characteristics (in particular, a wood framed structure in S Florida). He and his team were extremely thorough, knowledgeable and efficient; Mike himself spent significant time explaining the report in detail and answering our questions. The report itself was extremely comprehensive and laid out the problems, suggested methods to fix, and estimated costs. They provided a quick turnaround time for us over the weekend given we had a shorter inspection period. He also offered to be of continued help to us going forward. We had a great experience. Couldn’t recommend his team and services more!


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