Roof Certification

This inspection is required in the state of Florida when updating a home owner’s insurance policy on a home that has had a roof replacement performed.

Insurance Roof Certification

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When this inspection is needed:

In many cases the insurance company will reduce the annual premium if a new roof is installed after having a roof certification inspection performed.

This service can also be helpful when selling you home. If the roof is older but still has some years of life left before having to be replaced, it can be helpful to have a roof certification form certifying that there is still life left in the roof and documenting any notable damage or deterioration. This can prevent misinformed inspectors from stating that the roof needs replacement when in fact it does not. There is also the possibility that the home inspection company for the buyer hires a roofing contractor to do the roof inspection. It is not unheard of that this conflict of interest moves a roofer to recommend a new roof when really one is not required.


Roof Certification

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