Wind Mitigation Inspections

This inspection is required in the state of Florida at any point when obtaining home owners insurance.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

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When this inspection is needed:

This inspection is required in the state of Florida at any point when obtaining home owners insurance. This includes when purchasing a home at which time most home buyers obtain insurance; additionally if a home buyer is obtaining a home loan, the lender requires obtaining home owners insurance before close of escrow. Other scenarios involving “obtaining insurance” include when changing insurance companies, in some cases during policy renewals, and when refinancing a mortgage loan at which point a Wind Mitigation inspection report will be required. Unfortunately, even if a home seller recently had this performed, generally speaking the insurance company will still require a report with the names of the home buyers on the report.

When purchasing a condo or townhome where the HOA provides its own building insurance coverage, a smart condo buyer will still obtain their own “interior belongings” insurance policy; at which point there is a good chance that the insurance company will ask for a Wind Mitigation inspection report if the condo has “opening protection” that will qualify for an insurance premium discount.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Our Hurricane Mitigation inspector will itemize the specific features incorporated in the home’s construction that withstand damage from hurricane-force winds on what is called “the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form”. These features must be proved by the inspector with permit numbers, dates, and engineering approval numbers, without which no discount will be granted. In addition, the inspector must document the mitigation features listed on the form with accompanying photographs that prove the engineering design and proper installation.

IT IS NOT THE INSPECTOR THAT DETERMINES QUALIFYING DISCOUNTS BUT THE INSURANCE COMPANY.   The insurance underwriter will verify what the inspector documents with accompanying photographs to determine IF THE HOME QUALIFIES FOR DISCOUNTS WITH THAT PARTICULAR COMPANY.

Neither the inspector nor the home owner has any say regarding the decision of the insurance company. In other words, engineer approval numbers and permit dates or bust! In many cases, upgrades are required to obtain all possible discounts, EVEN WITH NEW CONSTRUCTION HOMES.


Wind Mitigation Inspection

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