Home Inspection Service

The Home Inspection Service we provided meets and exceeds the Standards of Practice established by ASHI, The American Society of Home Inspectors.

Home Inspection Service

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Home Inspection Service

What are we looking for when performing our home inspection service?

The answer lies in three areas: Function, Safety, and Expense.

Anything considered a “significant deficiency” in Function or Safety we are on high alert to locate and report on. We are also going to advise regarding any major components that are approaching end of life meaning that “significant expense” is approaching for replacement.

This is an inspection of the:

Roof, Structure, Attic, underfloor Crawlspace
Electrical System
Plumbing System and Water Heater
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Systems
Permanently Installed Appliances

Areas in which we go over and beyond the typical inspection:

As part of our home inspection service we walk the roof, we enter and thoroughly inspect the attic, we identify faulty building products that many inspectors do not know how to identify, gas leak detection, we identify wall and foundation material though not visible, and we advise on rodent activity, drainage and grading, foundation depth issues, and actual AC performance testing.


A professional home inspection service is performed according to the standards of practice of the American Society of home inspectors. The inspection will usually take 2 to 3 hours. We provide an extremely detailed report containing photos, construction and code diagrams, links to articles explaining more about issues found, and even a $60 book “The Home Reference Guide” by Carson Dunlop is contained within the report.


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