In this first post, I would like to introduce myself as a certified inspector and my company as the author of the articles you find on this website. An Introduction to Michael Gaurnier, ACI

What is ACI?

ACI stands for ASHI Certified Inspector. This is the highest designation in the home inspection profession. ASHI is the American Society of Home Inspectors which was the first association formed for what came to be known as the modern day “Home Inspector”.

Since that time in 1976 myriad other home inspection associations have been created (and closed down I might add). We will discuss the differences between some of the more popular associations in another article, but for the time being I’ll stick to the introduction of my services as a bases for the qualifications of my articles.

Manager and Lead Inspection for a Nationwide Firm:

For several years I worked for the largest employee-based home inspection firm in the nation and managed inspection markets in two different states functioning as the lead inspector in those markets. I must say that I greatly benefited from this phenomenal company. I was funded to seek the highest professional qualifications in the profession, obtained ASHI certified inspector status after going through the ASHI education program and studied the materials of Carson Dunlop. While working in management for a nationwide firm I gained experience in educating home inspectors nation-wide on technical subjects as well as marketing, business growth and management and had the joy of being the go to person to deal with home inspection claims and potential litigation from unsatisfied clients or realtors. This unique perspective I have gained in the home inspection profession is a major reason for my writing these articles as helps to both home inspectors and home buyers and sellers alike.

Since becoming a Certified Residential Thermographer through Monroe Infrared and serving as an active member of the International Code Council I established a corporation as a building consultant providing home inspections and many other consulting services in the South Florida area.

Michael Gaurnier, ACI is the company name of my local South Florida Home Inspection service that focuses on the many luxury properties along the South Florida coast. Yes my clients are hiring (or referring) ME and my home inspection expertise. This is a step away from the growing trend of turning a home inspection service into a money making “business” with employees doing inspections rather than A REAL HOME INSPECTOR doing the inspection. We’ll discuss the differences between multi-inspector companies and local self-employed inspectors in a following article so stay tuned… I’ll also discuss my corporation’s mission statement and vision. Please review the purpose of these online articles in the side column of this webpage to understand the intended purpose of these articles.

An Introduction to Michael Gaurnier, ACI

“Don’t mind the uniform, that’s my other job. Today I’m inspecting your soon to be home– Inspector from your typical South Florida Multi-Inspector Companies



Inspectors reading this, my mission is to motivate you not to be this guy. Do home inspection right, invest in REAL education and memberships or don’t do it at all.

Homebuyers and sellers, my mission is to inform you so that you DO NOT choose this guy to do your inspection. Don’t PRICE SHOP a home inspector… Shop qualifications… See a basic visual home inspection tour here:

An Introduction to Michael Gaurnier, ACI

Florida License #HI9520
ASHI Cert. #252915
Certified Residential Thermographer
International Code Council Member #9068551
Certified Pool Inspector #CPI-621990
Specialize in Luxury Property Inspections