This information is to provide you, your company, or clients and customers with proactive measures that can be taken to lower ones risk of infection and continue your business activities amidst concerns over the virus COVID-19. | Your Indoor Air Quality and Coronavirus Concerns

Your Indoor Air Quality and Coronavirus Concerns

Sanitize and boost immunity

What offices and Places of Business Can Do:

If individuals are already suffering from constant allergies at your place of business, this can complicate things as we are being advised to isolate ourselves if we have a cough or are displaying other symptoms that could indicate the beginnings of an infection. In this case, speak to management about the following:

Prism Analytical Technologies, an environmental laboratory in Michigan recommends having two types of indoor air quality tests performed which would provide report data covering the largest grouping of Indoor Air Contaminants and the health effects based on their concentrations (VOC testing and Particulate testing). The reports provide “Cleanliness Indicators” and “Contaminant Indicators”. This would help pinpoint HVAC air flow problems that may be preventing the system from cleaning the interior air as intended. This will indicate hazardous levels of contaminants or possibly hazardous levels of harsh cleaning products. Here is a great resource that discusses HVAC performance related to Coronavirus concerns for use by professionals:

The next step would be upgrading HVAC filters, possibly installing a UV disinfection system, and proactively and properly sanitizing the interior spaces. Of course, all individuals and organizations should follow the CDC recommendations


To Think About!

In reacting to COVID-19 concerns, chemical cleaning products may be in use at far higher levels than typical. This in itself could have a debilitating effect on those with chemical sensitivities which would put them at higher risk of becoming ill.

Is your personal home safe?

First of all, consider the information above to trouble shoot allergies or other causes of a weakened immune system. In addition here are my recommendations that I myself have done in my home:

  • Install a HEPA filter with a MERV rating of 20 (remove once infection risk is over as the density of this filter can be hard on the air handler fan motor of your HVAC system)
  • Have a UV-C disinfection system installed at your HVAC air handler
  • Operate a medical grade indoor air purifier
  • Consider having your interior space sanitized with a sanitizing cleaning product through a fogging service. In my home I had a product sprayed called “ProBiosense” that is a medical sanitizing solution for hospitals and contains a probiotic product that spreads healthy bacteria that can eat unhealthy bacteria keeping surfaces clean for a much longer time.
  • I also recommend on a personal basis taking thoughtful steps to boost your immunity. This can include vitamin and other health supplements, drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of sleep. I personally ordered a supplement called a “Core Immune Support Program”, ImmunRx (Protein Enriched Peptides). Here is the description from the supplier: “The key to core immunity is balance! Once the alarm is sounded, get your immune system to respond CORRECTLY, not too much and not too little and NOT OFF TARGET! Balanced immune response is the key to well-being.” – Contact me for the supplier information.