Sewer Video Scope Inspections $295 – $495

We always recommend this service of the home has cast iron or clay sewer piping. All homes built prior to 1972 have cast iron sewer piping unless this has been completely upgraded. From 1972 through 1975 PVC sewer piping was introduced, though cast iron was still being used throughout this time as well.

Why video scope cast iron pipes?

Simply put, they have an age limit. They eventually rust through, crack, break, settle, or in some cases collapse. Since South Florida homes have been built on concrete slabs starting in 1949, there is simply no way of knowing the condition of these pipes by performing the home inspection.

This service is performed by a Florida licensed plumbing contractor using a high definition scope camera on a 200-foot line. The video is voice narrated and recorded for verification by the client, seller, and other contractors if necessary. A digital cost estimate for repair is also provided along with the video for budgeting purposes.

Reasons to order a sewer scope in new or old homes and commercial buildings:


  • Sewer damage or deterioration accurately reported with video for verification
  • Onsite we explain the layout of the sewer piping system
  • Report on improperly installed sewer piping and venting
  • Discover non-visible plumbing issues inside walls and under floors
  • Identify poor workmanship in new construction or remodel work
  • Identify pipe settlement from soil compaction
  • Identify non-functional sewer or septic systems
  • Was new construction connected to an old slab with old-style sewer piping?

Find out by ordering a sewer video inspection from Michael Gaurnier, ACI